Things to Know When Starting a Travel Blog 

Things to Know When Starting a Travel Blog 

Instagram users use Instagram for different things. But in the current age, to make sure that while you are using Instagram for travel blogging all your posts are performing well and get enough engagement from your followers. Many travel bloggers use Instagram analytics and different tools to make sure that their endeavors are paying off and get the maximum attention and followers. 

This year using Instagram for traveling posts and using your blog as a traveling blog was very popular. The “travel” hashtag was found among some of the popular hashtags on social media, so travel bloggers and enthusiasts made sure that their content sparks a feeling of adventure and stays relevant with the interests of Instagram users and their love towards traveling. 

There are so many destinations around the world and you can get information on so many things on the internet and cable TV. You can have a look at channels like Nat Geo, Discovery and many other channels that are part of the Spectrum TV Select packages by Spectrum Cable TV. For travel bloggers, the following are essential things that you should keep in mind when starting your travel blog: 

Find a Niche for Travel Enthusiasts on Instagram

From the 800 million users on Instagram who sign up on the platform, so many people specialize in content related to travel. Hence, you might find it difficult to figure out where to start from and which niche to tap out and gain more user engagement. To make sure that you stand out from the crowd, you can find a niche that is not tapped by Instagrammers or travel bloggers. 

Also, make sure that your content is directed towards the audience and will get better engagement than it was in a general way. 

Get Your Posts a Compelling Caption

Your picture should be a self-explanatory piece of content uploaded on Instagram, Facebook or any other social media or digital media platform. But is a good idea that you add a meaningful and catchy caption for your pictures so that it gets the user’s attention and they are compelled to go through your previous posts and share them as well. 

Of all the elements of your blog, your caption is one thing that tells almost everything about your picture and the blog itself. It is very important to use eye-catching quotations about nature, something fascinating about the place you visited, your views about the place and so much more to make sure that the user not only finds it interesting but also helpful as well.  

Monetize Your Blog by Building Dedicated and Relevant Followers 

Brands and marketers consider many things while picking up travel influencers and travel bloggers for their campaigns. They use a lot of thought processes and calculations while they are in the process of marketing their products and travel packages on social media websites using influencers. 

So if you are trying to earn from your travel blog, then it is necessary for you to get relevant followers on your blog and create some engaging posts, tag relevant brands and place relevant hashtags on your post as well. Also, make sure that the information you are providing in your caption is interesting and grabs the attention of the user. 

Outsource Photo Editing For More Creative and Shareable Posts

Your Instagram engagement can be measured in less than a minute and it is one of the indicators that the content you post on your blog is engaging and users like to go through your posts. To add more meaning and substance to your posts, you need to have eye-catching pictures and captions. 

You may be good at capturing pictures but not everybody is familiar with editing pictures to make them look more attractive. There are so many freelancers and photo editors who can do the same for you. You can find some talented individuals using platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer and many other platforms available online.

Get Yourself a Good Camera and Related Accessories 

Last but not the least, your camera and related gear matters the most. When you are looking forward to earning from your blog, then you must invest in your traveling and photography equipment as well. But do not invest in things that you can replace and use. 

For instance, you can use an iPhone that was released after the iPhone X to capture some eye-catching moments so there is no need to invest in a high-end camera or a drone. If you think that you have enough budget to buy a camera and invest in lenses, then you should invest in it. This will add more life to your picture and eventually will help you create more engaging posts for your blog.


Being a travel blogger is not only fun but also a good way to earn money and travel around the world. You can simply create an Instagram account and click some super cool pictures and narrate something interesting about the place you visited, the experiences you came across and other information on your blog and get the user’s attention. 

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