Reasons for a Car Battery Discharge

Reasons for a Car Battery Discharge

Occasionally, self-charging is the only way to revive the battery. There are multiple reasons that can contribute to the decrease in charges, like electric devices that are not turned off, current leakage, and self-discharge. Moreover, sometimes maybe charging the car battery doesn’t provide expected results. In such cases, you will need to charge the battery with the help of an external charger or by using an online car service booking Bangalore.

Why the battery is discharging

One of the major reasons that can be attributed to the rapid discharge of the battery is when power-consuming appliances have been left on a parked car. This could be anything: interior lighting,  running turntable, air conditioning, or parking lights. Experts have concluded that these kinds of applications can eat up to 20% of the battery charge level during the night. If the charging of your car battery is not complete, you will not be able to start the car in the morning. The best way to prevent this kind of instance is by using simple devices, like a relay, which automatically turns off all the devices after a stipulated period. 

Another noticeable but less significant reason can be the so-called “current leakage “. In a nutshell, this happens when a car battery gets discharged without moving an inch. This phenomenon is especially noticeable when the car is parked for a long time, like on vacations. In addition to the factors mentioned above, a constant leak can also lead to a discharged battery.

One of the cheapest and effective methods to avoid such a situation is by making a habit of wiping the battery case dry from the dirt accumulated on it, or, at least by creating a clean space around its terminal. For those who love to take care of their car by themselves, we advise you to wipe the entire battery with a weak soda solution.

More about self-discharge of the battery

Self-discharge of the battery starts when the battery capacity gets down, and its external circuits become open. It can occur even when the car engine and other devices are turned off. The reason behind this can be the normal chemical processes taking place in the electrodes, positive and negative. Generally, we can say that charging the battery only restores the charging level and does not affect the electrodes, causing self-discharge. As the battery gets old, self-discharge can become more and more frequent, and the only way to solve this issue will be to change the battery by using car services in Bangalore.

Charging the battery in the car

The battery is not the only part of a car’s overall electrical system. Usually, an electric car system includes multiple parts: 

  1. Accumulator battery; It provides initial energy to start the car engine when it’s shut off or running at a very low speed.
  2. Generator; It generates electricity while the car is in running mode.
  3. Drive Belt: Binds all system components together.
  4. Wires; For transferring electricity throughout the car.

In addition to the later parts, you can also include the car engine that rotates the generator’s belt to generate an electric current. Normally, a car battery is charged during the full engine operation. It’s the generator’s job to produce electricity to fulfil all the needs of the car and recharge the battery. 

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