How to Win Cash Games with Lower Rakes?

Many of us enjoy playing games in our spare time. Gaming is one of the most relaxing activities that provides both fun and rewards. Recently, real money games (RMG) have become very popular among players. These are skill-based games that can be played for real bonuses and other rewards. If you have knowledge of the games and the relevant skills, you can use them to win attractive prizes. 

Due to their popularity, many gaming companies have entered the RMG market and developed unique versions of the popular games, such as online rummy. If you choose a reliable rummy provider, you can start playing online rummy cash straight away.

However, many online providers will ask you to pay a fee to use their features and services. Sometimes, the amount may be too little or may burn a hole in your pocket. But what if you could play rummy for a minimal service fee? Rummy Baazi is the only platform that allows you to play your favorite games with low draws. Rummy Baazi is the only platform that allows you to play your favorite games with a low rake, which means you can take home most of your winnings without losing out on service fees.

So, what is rake? What can you do to win big in cash games? Find out more here.

What is a rake?

In rummy, a rake is a service fee paid to an online provider for a cash deposit. Most providers have a predefined rake value as a percentage of your total pooled funds. Therefore, if you win a cash game, your winnings will be based on the rake percentage. For example, if you win a one-point rummy in a Rummy Baazi game, your winnings will look like this

Winnings = (sum of all opponents’ points) x (rupee value of points) – RummyBaazi’s commission (rake percentage).

How does the rake affect the amount of winnings?

The value of the rake affects the overall amount of winnings for cash players, and Rummy Baazi’s rake is the lowest compared to our competitors. This means that you can claim larger winnings compared to other online rummy portals. A lower rake means fewer deductions, which means you can increase your take-home pay. On the other hand, if you play on a platform with a higher rake, your winnings could be reduced to nearly half of the total prize pool. Imagine sweating, bleeding and crying at a cash rummy table to win, only to get a fraction of your winnings. Thankfully, at Rummy Baazi, you don’t have to go through that. This is one of the reasons why so many players prefer the Rummy Baazi platform when it comes to playing cash games.

Advantages of Low Rake

When you play with a low rake, you are less likely to get high deductions from your prize pool. This means you can win more money in cash games and tournaments, even if you play less often. Other benefits of having a lower rake include

Valuable experience. If you want to play at a cash table, you will have to pay an entry fee to secure your seat. You’re investing your own hard-earned money, so you expect your investment to pay off, especially if you’re good at the game. However, the high rake directly affects your winnings so that you only get a fraction of your actual winnings. Nonetheless, if you play at Rummy Baazi, you will get the value of the money you have invested.

The odds of winning are high. If the rake is high, you will be less inclined to concentrate on the game and give your best. As a result, you may lose interest along the way and give up quickly. On the other hand, low rake games allow you to focus on winning the game. You have to use your knowledge of rummy rules, tricks and strategies to give your opponents a tough fight. This will automatically improve your chances of winning.

Satisfaction. Rummy is a fun game that should only be played for entertainment purposes. A high rake can put a lot of pressure on a player and can lead to quitting. Playing on a platform with a low rake will keep you coming back to play and will give you a sense of calm each time you play.

We want you to be aware of the rake and play on a platform with a lower service fee. Guess what, Rummy Baazi is the best portal to play cash games following rummy rules. Download the Rummy app now and get ready to have a great experience.

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