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Acrylic Sneeze Guards: Must for Your Office Setup

Have you thought about how would you operate your business during this pandemic period? You need to maintain all health regulations implemented by the government and WHO to operate your business during the pandemic situation. You have to maintain the best hygienic standard and you have to sanitize your office every hour. Apart from that, you need to use sanitisers, hand wash and sanitizing spray for your employees. But, how would you identify the COVID positive customers and restrict their entry into your office? It is quite obvious you cannot do that. Measuring their body temperature and offering hand sanitisers at the entry point of your office can keep your employees safe, but you cannot stop your customers to interact with your employees. In this case, you need to install some acrylic sneeze guards in your office to keep your employees in a safe working environment.

What Are Acrylic Sneeze Guards?

Acrylic sneeze guards are thin transparent sheets that can be installed at the front desk and reception area. It will create a barrier between your customers and employees. You can customize these sneeze guards according to the location, size and installation process. Acrylic sneeze guards are easily available online, so you do not need to wait for a month. You can buy such sneeze guards and install them in your office to protect your employees and customers. Even, if your employees are affected by COVID-19 then you can keep your customers safe from your affected employees. However, to ensure safety, you must tell your employees to perform a test for COVID.

COVID-19 is a virus, which gets spread through air droplets and you can prevent transmission of this virus by installing acrylic sneeze guards. Maintaining social distance is important, but your employees cannot maintain the same when they interact with your customers. Similarly, your customers won’t visit your office during this pandemic period and they will place their orders online to fulfil their needs. But, you cannot operate your business online when you have some physical products. You need to open your office pc monitoring software for the customers and clients, and you must install such sneeze guards to ensure their safety.

Reasons for Installing Acrylic Guards:

Acrylic sneeze guards can add an extra layer of protection and these guards can keep your employees and customers safe from transmitting diseases. These guards are transparent and your employees can easily see through these guards. You can customize these guards and have small pass-through areas on these guards. People can exchange their documents and cash through these passages.

If you have a business where interaction between customers and employees is important then you must use such acrylic sneeze guards in your office. For example, businesses like grocery shops, departmental stores, restaurants, banks, cafeteria, salon and other government offices should install such sneeze guards at their workplace.

You can use also glass sneeze guards in your office, but they are frazzle and not-durable. You need to replace those guards recurrent times. Apart from that, glasses are risky for your heavy traffic areas because your employees and customers can get injured by such glasses and their sharp edges. You can use acrylic sneeze guards, which are durable and flexible. These guards are transparent and they are not fragile. Readymade sneeze guards are also available in the market where you do not need to go for customization.

You can easily clean these acrylic sneeze guards on regular basis. You can use sanitisers and mop the sneeze guards every hour. You do not need to take any special care of your acrylic guards. It will save you time and cost. Even, your employees can clean their sneeze guards to maintain their hygiene.

Now you can search such sneeze guards online and choose the best one according to their thickness and transparency.

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